To Every Man That Finds It Hard To Open Up EP#2

In this episode, Simon speaks about a topic close to his heart.

How can Modern Spiritual Man open up when it’s a huge struggle to be seen and heard?  He will show you how to get your power back and stop fearing what other people think

Explore the different levels of consciousness and different perspectives, face your emotions, stop swallowing your thoughts and opinions.  Learn to interact, live authentically and grow.

What is the impact of not opening up, not only for yourself but for others who may need to hear your experiences/thoughts?

Examine the emotions you feel in putting yourself out there – where do they come from and what can you do to resolve them?

It’s time to speak the truth and learn to love yourself!e

Anonymous form (02:38)

“Power v Force” by David Hawkins (04:04)

What others think (06:05)

Different perspectives (08:30)

Suicide rates in men (13:20)

The elements (14:03)

Take the small step (21:00)

What is your word (30:20)

Window of Opportunity (31:08)

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