Everything Changed When I Started To Meditate Like This EP#3

Simon freely admits that meditation has had the biggest impact on his life and that he is the man he is today due to meditation.

This podcast is for anyone who meditates infrequently for 15 or 20 minutes at time, but feel it doesn’t work for them.   Simon gives quick and easy solutions and explains how he deepened his practice and the results that followed.  You too, can change your entire life through meditation and manifestation.

Simon’s mission is to end suppression and to open up an expression for the Modern Spiritual Man and enable an extraordinary life.

Anxiety (02:16)

Meditation apps (03:14)

India (03:46)

Go deeper (04:24)

Switch to a routine (05:30)

Vipassana (05:57)

What is right and what is wrong (07:20)

Mental chatter (08:13)

Waste of time? (09:30)

Top 3 daily activities (10:50)

Release muscular knots through meditation (11:40)

Difference between “thinking” and something “dropping in” (13:19)

Sit and just be (15:40)

Letting go of alcohol (17:05)

The line (19:50)

Make meditation fun (21:00)

Implement a new habit (22:20)

Think about the life you desire (24:20)

Joe Dispenza – Break the Habit of Being Yourself (26:35)

Answers to questions frequently asked about meditation (27:30)

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