Bullying, Drugs, Debt, Alcohol, Ferraris, Mansions & Spiritual Awakening EP#1

Learn how Simon turned his life around from being addicted to cocaine and gambling to being debt free, building his business and moving to the USA.  Once there he was still searching for happiness. Learn what led to his Kundalini awakening, how he killed off his ego and changed his whole life and began a new mission.  

If you are a Modern Spiritual Man and you want to grow and live an extraordinary life, Simon is here to guide you on your journey and show you that you’re not alone.  He will help you to speak your truth and no longer feel the need to hide behind a mask.

The scene is set (00:58)

Timeline exercise (02:25)

When everything changed (05:18)

First career and life lesson (10:09)

Cocaine and alcohol (12:28)

Wayne Dyer (13:37)

The turning point (14:59)

James Cameron –  “Window of Opportunity” (16:45)

Mentor (19:38)

Tony Robbins and more (21:41)

Co-dependant relationship (23:24)

Jim Carey “Masks” (24:56)

Kundalini Awakening (26:19)

“The Black Ball – Does anyone have a Secret” (27:31)

Who am I?  (35:50)


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